Bulk Wholesale Silicone Gun Cloths Golf Wipes

100ct Bulk Wholesale Unprinted Silicone Cloths 11" X 10"

Regular price $154.00

Perfect for retail, manufacturing and packaging. Save money by ordering standard blank/ unprinted silicone cloths in bulk at wholesale prices.

Does your business use silicone cloths to wipe down and protect products before shipping/ delivering to your customer/ retailer?  If you just need silicone cloths but without the custom printing, these get the job done.

Use on guns, knives, fishing equipment, tools and anything else metal and vulnerable to corrosion.

Easy to handle size of 11" X 10" folded in a ziplock poly bag with hang hole for convenient storage.  

Each unit includes 100 cloths.

Fabric color can vary, based on availability but if you need a specific color, let us know when we contact you to confirm your order.