Gun Dealers

Custom Printed Silicone Gun Cleaning Polishing Cloth Ruger SR40 Colt AR-15 Gun Store Dealer Marketing

Whether it is a day at the range or in the field, it is essential to have a gun cloth handy to wipe off the powder, dust, grime and finger prints. This protects from corrosion and leaves the gun looking clean, polished and ready for the next adventure.

Make a lasting impression with a silicone cloth featuring your store logo and contact information.  Your customers will think of you every time they use it.  So when they use that last box of shells, need a new knife or decide its time for a new gun, your name is right there as a reminder of the place that takes care of them best and will keep them coming back.

  • Pass them out at gun shows
  • Give them to customers to protect their firearms
  • Sell them for extra revenue
  • Use them on your own inventory

Check out our extra large cleaning cloth.  Twice the size, twice the life and your logo printed 5 times bigger.