Free shipping and press setup through Dec. 31, 2017!
Free shipping and press setup through Dec. 31, 2017!
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The nice thing about our custom silicone cloth is that it helps your business in three different ways. 

First, it is a low cost useful object to hunters, shooters, collectors, golfers, fishermen, and those with steel tools they want to protect.  If your business serves any of the above, a silicone cloth is an easy tool to have on hand to maintain the look and function of their prized possessions.

Next is the advertising component.  With your logo and contact information printed on the cloth itself, the customer has no choice but to think of you every time they use it. You can spend thousands on newspaper and magazine ads where only a small percentage of your target audience is seeing it.  With our silicone cloths, they are being taken to the range and on hunting trips where other potential customers will see it and even spark a conversation about your store.  Its much lower cost than a hat or T-shirt and has greater visibility than a business card or flyer.  You can give them away as promotional gifts, at gun, knife and trade shows or if you are a manufacturer include them in the packaging.

Last but not least is the money you can make from them.  With room for over 100% markup, our cloths are probably the best item to sell.  They are inexpensive and necessary for any sportsman that wants to protect their investment so selling them is easy.  If you ordered 500 cloths from us and sold just 43% of them at $5 each, you would recoup your entire investment.  You could give the rest away or if you sold the rest, you would make over $1,400 profit.  They are great at Christmas time as stocking stuffers and customers love being surprised with a free gift when they make a purchase.