• Silicone Gun Cleaning Cloth Custom Printed Personalized Remington Bolt Action Fine Guns
  • Silicone Gun Cloth Cleaning Polishing Custom Printed Personalized Colt AR-15 Ruger SR40 Si-Clo Mfg
  • Silicone Cloth Knife Tool Polishing Cleaning Damascus Hatchet Benchmade
  • Silicone Cloth Golf Club Custom Printed Personalized Cleaning Polishing Golf Ball

Give your customers something to remember you by.

Make a lasting impression with a silicone cloth featuring your store logo and contact information.  Your customers will think of you every time they use it.  So when they use that last box of shells, need a new knife or decide its time for a new golf club, your name is right there as a reminder of the place that takes care of them best.

Our silicone treatment is 100% safe, odorless & non-toxic and the cloth is made from soft cotton flannel.  The dimensions are either 11”X 15” or 22" X 15" and come in a recloseable bag for convenient storage.  They are proudly made in the USA using only US suppliers.

Give them to your customers to protect their purchase, sell them for extra revenue and use them in your store to keep inventory looking sharp.