Free shipping and press setup through Dec. 31, 2017!
Free shipping and press setup through Dec. 31, 2017!
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Give your customers something to remember you by.

Whether it is a day at the range or in the field, it is essential to have a gun cloth handy to wipe off the powder, dust, grime and finger prints. This protects from corrosion and leaves the gun looking clean, polished and ready for the next adventure.

Now you can make a lasting impression with a silicone cloth featuring your stores logo and contact information.  Your customers will think of you every time they use it.  So when they use that last box of shells, need a new knife or realize its time for a new gun, your name is right there as a reminder of the place that takes care of them best.

Our silicone treatment is 100% safe, odorless & non-toxic.  They are made of soft flannel cloth and the dimensions are 11”X 15” and come in a recloseable bag for  convenient storage.  They are proudly made in the USA using only US suppliers.

Give them to your customers to protect their purchase, sell them for extra revenue or use them in your store to keep inventory looking sharp.