Standard Silicone Gun Cloth- 3 Pack (no custom image)

Standard Silicone Gun Cloth- 3 Pack (no custom image)

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Standard Si-Clo Mfg. branded cloth with silicone treatment. Pack of 3.

Don't need your logo printed but want just a nice silicone cloth to wipe your stuff down?

No problem, we are happy to send you three of our standard cloth with our logo printed on it.

Our cloth is made from 100% soft cotton flannel and our silicone treatment is non-toxic, odorless and safe to handle.  We do not use any volatile or toxic chemicals.

Cloth dimensions are 11" X 15"  (165 sq. in.)

Silicone cloths will clean, polish and prevent rust from fingerprints and water. 

Works on Guns, Rods, Reels, Golf Clubs, Knives, Hand Tools etc.

Recommended use: Wipe evenly across entire surface to form a protective film.

Make sure you specify your preferred cloth color in the drop down above.